/* cut and paste this code into processingit could look more like a checkerboard gamewith some modification. Your job is to makeyour program look more like a checkers gamethan anyone else in the class.
NOTE: a checker board is 8x8 and players start with 12 checkers in a pattern. If you have never played the game perhaps you should google it.*/
void setup(){size(500,500);}
void draw(){ //draw a grid int a = 50; while (a < 500){ line(50,a,450,a); line(a,50,a,450); a = a + 100;}
//draw some checkers fill(255,0,0); // red ellipse(100,100,75,75); ellipse(200,200,75,75); fill(0); //black ellipse(400,200,75,75); ellipse(300,300,75,75);