Physics Course Description

Physics Course Description: HOME

The goal of Physics is to give students an in-depth view of the concepts behind force and energy. This is a fast-paced course that teaches problem-solving techniques using mathematics as a tool and improves critical thinking skills. Students will be provided the background to achieve when taking college-level courses in the future. Lastly, students should learn to appreciate what science attempts to accomplish, and the problems science and technology have with society.


We will be using Physics: Principles and Problems. A copy of this text will be provided. You will be expected to return it at the end of the course in the same condition as when it was assigned.

General Outline:

Chapter 1-2...........Doing Physics & using Mathematical Tools

Chapters 3-4........ Linear Motion

Chapter 5 ............ Force

Chapter 6 ............ Vectors

Chapter 7 ........... Motion in 2 Dimensions

Chapter 8 ........... Gravity

Chapter 9 ........... Momentum

Chapters 10-11.... Energy, Work, & Power

Chapter 12.......... Thermal Energy

Chapters 14-17.... Waves & Light

Chapters 18-19.... Optics

Chapters 30-31.... Nuclear Physics

See Calendar for details Current Trimester Calendar


Grading will be based on total points accumulated during each trimester. The percentages for both trimesters will be averaged for a final grade. Points can be accumulated through the following:

  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Homework
  • Lab Assignments
  • Writing Assignments
  • Projects

Proper notice will be given for any test, but quizzes and the collection of homework may or may not be announced in advance! This means short reading assignments as well as homework questions must be done. The grading scale will be standard percentage as follows:

92-100 A

84-91 B

77-83 C

70-76 D

Make certain that makeup work is done in a timely fashion. Work needs to be completed using the days missed = days to complete equation.

Lab Safety:

Because this room is a laboratory as well as a classroom, and students may not be aware of potential dangers, absolutely no horseplay will be tolerated at any time. Penalties will include detention and docked lab points. If I judge it to be especially hazardous or a continuing problem, expulsion from the laboratory will result and alternative assignments will be assigned. Specific safety precautions will be discussed prior to each lab, and following procedures is mandatory. Failure to follow lab instructions will result in lost points. Always be careful and considerate in the lab.