You have chosen an element. You have declared this element on the form link. You will present on Tuesday or Wednesday when Mr. Longwell calls on you regardless of your requested preference. Anyone not prepared to present when called upon will be subject to a 3 point penalty.

Your presentation on the radioactive element of your choice should include the following items: (Each of the four will be worth 5 points) (3 bonus points if you cover this rubric in 180s < x < 300s)

--- A detailed explanation of the common radioactive isotopes of this particular element. Write the element name on the board with the correct notation.

--- A detailed explanation of how this element decays. Write the correct decay equation on the board as you describe it to the class.

--- A detailed explanation of the commercial or industrial use of this element as a radioactive item. If it is or isn't related to your technical field and rate the importance of this element to modern life on Earth.

--- Provide one thoughtful question about this element that you will ask the class that could be know by well intention-ed students, and might also be an exam quality question for this unit of study.